About us

We host a free service that allows you to test your internet connection, and estimate what you can do with it (streaming, web browsing, calls ..)


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Do we collect your informations?

We provide the following information about your internet connection: download/upload speed, ping, and jitter.
The application may also obtain your public IP address and location. Your location is used to select the best server location for an accurate testing result.


Our website does not use cookies, but some of our partners (advertisers) may use them.

Data security

Our partner (fireprobe.net) protects your data (IP address and location) using secure connection while obtaining it.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information

We do not keep or sell your personal information.
However, our partner (fireprobe.net) may share the information collected (test results, location, device and network information) with internet service providers or regulators only for diagnostic purposes.

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