Internet Speed Test

Check your Internet connection velocity with our speed test

What is download speed?

The velocity at which you can RECEIVE data from the Internet, given in terms of Megabits per second (Mbps).
Examples: General browsing, receiving email, watching Youtube...

What is upload speed?

The velocity at which you can SEND data to the Internet, given in terms of Megabits per second (Mbps).
Examples: sending an email, posting photos on social media, using your webcam...

What is ping (latency)?

The time it takes for your smallest request to receive a response from the server, measured in milliseconds (ms). Lower ping values mean a faster connection. Ping is very important in real-time applications like streaming or online gaming.

What is Jitter?

The variation in the latency of packets carrying data, or in simpler terms, your internet connection stability. Lower jitter values mean a stable connection, uninterrupted voice calls, and glitch less video quality.

How to properly check your connexion?

A SPEED TEST is supposed to measure your current bandwidth’s maximum capacity.
To get accurate results, you must close all programs that may use the Internet.

For optimal testing conditions, consider these guidelines:

  • Connect your computer to the modem in wired mode (RJ45 network cable).
  • The given results are indicative. They depend on the saturation of the network, nodes, servers, and the use made of the Internet connection. For best results, it is recommended that you stop any downloads, and close any running applications before running the test.
  • It is also recommended to run the test several times to compare the results. These may be different each time due to the network's state at that time.

How a velocity test works?

An Internet speed test calculates in a few seconds your bandwidth capabilities regardless of your Internet connection type (DSL, Cable, Fiber, Satellite...).
The download is measured by downloading a file for approximately 10 seconds, and vice versa to calculate the upload.
Since the application requires downloading and uploading some files, consider that this data will be included in your mobile plan (if limited only).
The application actually allows downloading and uploading of files by saturating the connection up to its maximum capacity.
A test can use up to 20MB of data or more - the faster your connection, the more data the test will consume.

What is the best Internet testing site?

There is no application that can be good or bad for everyone, it depends on the calculation of the nearest server to your location.
When you begin a test, the client checks your location and finds the nearest server to you. This is the key part of the operation since it's an important step to get accurate results (that's why a lot of speed tests offer an option to change the server).

If our speed test results aren't what you expected, try others like:

If the results are still very far from what's on your Internet bill, consider complaining to your ISP.

What's the ideal ping for real-time applications like online gaming?

For this kind of application, it's not enough to have good bandwidth, you must have low ping values:

  • Excellent: 0-59 ms
  • Good: 60-129 ms
  • Fair: 130-199 ms
  • Poor: 200+ ms

How fast your Internet is supposed to be?

This question is almost controversial, as it depends on your DSL usage, and how many people you share it with at your home network.
Below, you will find some references for broadband speed based on the FCC recommendations.

Usage Minimum download value
General browsing and email 1 Mbps
Social media 1 Mbps
Streaming online radio Less than 0.5 Mbps
VoIP calls Less than 0.5 Mbps
Student 5 – 25 Mbps
Telecommuting 5 – 25 Mbps
File downloading 10 Mbps